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Teresa’s story

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Teresa has been serving at The Bridge as a Secretary, stepping down from her former position as a Manager.  This never sat well with her husband Peter, a non-believing businessman.  “I wanted this job because I want to grow spiritually.  And this is a ministry that can develop me in this area.”  Indeed, while Peter and Teresa fought over her meager salary, her faith and changing parental values, she was also being groomed through our teammings and trainings to be an effective witness and influencer—even while she assisted the team with logistical details of every-day ministry life. This lasted for 2 years until the cruncher came.  Peter’s company needed help. So he immediately wanted Teresa to quit her job and help out at his company. Teresa was anxious. She worried there would be even more conflicts if they worked together, she worried about having to do things that don’t please God in the business. But above all else, she worried that she would be affected in her faith and begin to drift away from God. Nevertheless, God worked everything for the good of Teresa and her family.

With the brother and sisters at the Bridge praying for her, Teresa was encouraged and her faith strengthened. Instead of resisting her husband’s demands,  she went to Peter’s company, with prayer to begin her day—a habit that she developed back when she was working at the Bridge. The conflicts, miraculously, didn’t happen. Instead, they grew as a couple through working and resting together. As their marriage relationship improved, Teresa capitalized on the opportunities afforded by their weekly walks to share more about God and His Word with Peter. After a few weeks Peter also became more and more open to the message and approved of Teresa taking their kids to Bridge’s Sunday school.

One evening, Teresa’s son, Jon Jon, had a very serious look on his face and said, “Daddy, I need to talk to you.” This was surprising to both Teresa and Peter because Jon Jon is normally quiet and kept things to himself. What could he possibly be so somber about, at his tender age? So they listened intently and was quite surprised by what this little guy had to say as he pulled Peter aside.

“Daddy, why don’t you believe in Jesus? What will you do when the rest of us all go to heaven?” Peter was stunned by his son’s innocent yet powerful question. As he considered the messages he’s heard and the testimony in his wife’s life, Peter made a decision to embark on a journey to become a Christian. Please pray for Peter’s new found faith as he is now attending our weekly Seeker’s class.