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— 7-Stages Intensive —

— About —

The 7 Stages of Spiritual Growth was simply the pattern we’ve discovered from having developed hundreds of people from being non-believers to being committed, effective and mature disciples of Jesus, and these stages actually correspond to how God created us, with life stages.

The 7 Stages conference gives every church a very unique opportunity to sit down as a team, and assess the health of your own church with over 100 questions. Then with an explanation of how people grow spiritually by stages, just like we do physically, we will give you the tools to plan how you can develop the people in your church.

The highlight in the conference comes when we alleviate every small group leader’s fears of “situations beyond my control—what in the world do I do?”, In this conference, we’ll give every attendee an opportunity to role play real-life crisis scenarios.

Best of all, by attending the conference, we will put our 7 Stages App into your hands. With it, you can receive video-driven small group classes which are designed to be highly interactive, practical and incremental, developing people from spiritual infancy to maturity.

These stage-specific classes will first lay a healthy foundation for your spirituality (stages 3 and 4), then train you to be faithful in the little things as a server (stage 5). Finally, having passed the tests and matured in your discernment, stages 6 and 7 classes will equip you to be effective in discipleship, by “making seekers into equippers” (stages 1 and 2 outreach training).

Discover a Plan Towards Spiritual Maturity

  • Own Your Own Spiritual Growth
  • Overcome Fears of Leading Small Groups
  • Enjoy Practical Role Play Training
  • Identify Healthy and Hurting Points of Your Church
  • Receive the 7 Stages App to Deliver Video Classes

We want to invite you to come to our 7 Stages Conference, which is designed for everyone that is in any leading capacity in the church: whether you are a deacon, elder, pastor, planning committee member or are a decision-makers or are discipling someone—and especially if you are a small group leader, or have been invited by the pastor to become a small group leader.