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Spiritual Immaturity is Killing the Church

Let’s make mature disciples the way Jesus intended

Our Mission: Equip Churches to Make Mature Disciples

The Root Causes of Spiritual Immaturity:

Some Typical Root Causes for Spiritual Immaturity among Believers; and the Result Thereof

legalism and meaningless religiosity

weak or misplaced faith

inability to move forward

baggage and heavy burden

unnecessary conflicts

7 stages: the path towards spiritual maturity

How 7 Stages Help Churches Make Mature Disciples

Healthy Believers

Churches often inadvertantly commit 'infant abuse' by urging new believers to serve right away, resulting in hurts, discouragement and division that comes from spiritual immaturity. Phase 1 is about laying a Healthy Spirituality as a Foundation.
Stage 3 Spiritual Foundations Class: From the meaning of conversion to deeper examination of sin’s effects to spiritual family to confronting father issues, the New Lifer gains confidence in their new identity as a Child of God and receives baptism.

Stage 4 Life Transformation Class: Followers are taught to identify past baggage, confront family of origin issues, replace lies with the Truth and practice living out the Truth practically

Faithful Servers

Believers who are spiritually healthy will naturally want to serve. Proper training in relational skills and discernment of testing that comes with serving can avoid many unncessary conflicts and misunderstandings, enabling the Server to go the distance and be found faithful.
Stage 5 Relational Management Class: Everything from personality assessments and healthy communications to identifying aand overcoming spiritual warfare in relationships—to help the Server relate well to others and enjoy church life.

Stage 5 Service Training: From giftings assessments to placement in service to skills training, Servers are taught to be faithful in the little things and mature to leadership.

Effective Leaders

The most desirable group in the church are mature nurturers who have passed the tests, possess a burden for people's growth and are suited to 'make equippers out of seekers', by living a missional life of discipleship. Phase 3 equips Stages 6 & 7 Leaders to do just that.
Stage 6 Small Group Leaders Training: Everything from teaching to leading to shepherding others, Small Group Leaders or One-on-one Shepherds are inspired to lead from a position of love, discernment and competence.

Stage 7 Equippers Training: From outreach ministry to missions to coaching others, Equippers are empowered to go out and impact the communities both locally and globally.

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