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Lisa : An invitation opens the door of the gospel

I accepted an invitation from my friend to English Corner on October, 2015. Once she asked me if I wanted to listen in their class. From that point on, I became their audit student. I thought that the class was very interesting, and also wanted to know what kind of a God turned my father against his parents and made my father rely on Him. Afterwards, I attended another class called “the belief you can experience.” All along the way, I was perplexed. During that time, my father passed away and my older sister broke up from our family.  A lot of misfortunes kept on happening. At night, I often dreamed of my father. It might be because of the guilt I felt and my unwillingness to let him go. I used to not be able to stand my father’s nagging, and quarreled a lot with him. So now, there are many things that are too late to tell him. Fortunately, a lot of sisters here accompanied and cared for me and I felt that I gained a lot through the class. I am a very introverted person and am not good at expressing myself, but the sisters always greet me from their heart, which makes me feel very warm. These sisters frankly share their remarkable testimonies with me, and these things help me firmly toward my goal.

In 2016 during a weekend of spiritual activity, I made a lordship prayer. Afterwards, I kept participating in all of the classes and felt that there were fewer problems to worry about. I learned to solely depend on God and had hope in everlasting life. I was baptized in May of 2017 and continued on taking the fourth stage class for another one more year. I learned more about God and developed peace and joy. In addition, I realized that giving is more of a blessing than receiving. I have received so much from God and ought to help more people come to know God and receive blessing. In January of 2019, I joined the serving team.