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Julie: I really experienced the power of God

I went to Bridge English corner with an older sister while I was studying in the graduate school. At the time it was Christmas, and at first I went only to improve my English, but eventually I felt a sense of belonging, I felt a different kind of ease and warmth, and started to know God and learn His Word, and through this process I also applied what I have learned to improve my communication skills, there are friends that felt I have changed, I really experienced the power of God, God can change people, the true God of guidance, strengthened my desire to be a servant of God, because my heart needs God’s light to thoroughly shine upon it. Similarly, I also hope to become a trained well believer, but when it was time for me to determine whether to join the training, I hesitated. I felt that I could not contribute anything to others, for a long time, my focus was on myself, this prevented me from progressing, but then under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, I developed the courage to keep going, even though I just started, I know that God walks with me, and that all is well on the road ahead.