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Audrey: The Prodigal Son

The first time I came to the English corner group of bridge was in May of 2015, I made a lordship prayer that same year in August, and very soon got baptized and became a Christian.  After participating the stage three class of experiencing the faith, I left Xiamen due to personal reasons. This departure caused me to start falling away from God. Now that I think of it, this was like me in the wilderness. After experiencing pains from both losing family and broken heart.  I chose to return to Xiamen again and started a new business. When I started to feel like my life was getting dry, I saw that a lot of my companions have grown a lot in Christ, suddenly I was reminded by the Holy Spirit to return to the bridge fellowship group. I came back and started learning from the third stage again, and until I complete the fourth stage, in the midst of all the love from brothers and sisters, I finally reconciled with my past self, and also exited the wilderness. I chose to join the fellowship group, commit myself to God’s family, and hope to help others know God as I grow.

Actually today I am in the fifth stage, which I have never thought of before. Step by step, it has been God who led me all the way, and not in my own plan. Looking back, when making important decisions, the results were all not what I had expected. I decided to follow Jesus in 2013; as to give up myself, which occurred after I finished the various stages of learning. I am very thankful for the opportunities created by the Bridge, which allowed me to experience God’s love in His big family, and were willing to submit myself to God, to love each other,  to keep follow Jesus and spread His love, and give all glory and honor to God.