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Prayers Answered, Kevin Found God But Only Through Continued Follow-Up

Kevin: I attended the Seeker’s Class for the first time a few months ago, back then I had the impression that becoming a Christian means I have to start obeying a bunch of rules, and I have to spend so many hours every week to read the Bible and go to church, so I got cold feet and stopped going. Then it came the shocking announcement that one of my close relative became very ill and the was about to die. I cared a lot about this family member but there was nothing I could do for him. It was at that moment that I remembered there was a God… Although I hadn’t given my life to him or anything, I wanted to try and see if what they told me was real, so I prayed. Three days later my relative’s health started to get better! Actually after that experience there were 2 other times where I prayed for other people and their problems were solved. That’s when I started seriously considering that God might exist and is if He does, He must be a very good God. During that time I continued to sign up for Bridge Interest Groups and Kitchen Table Conversions led by short-term visitors. Bridges leaders also kept following-up on me and even arranged for me one-on-one time with short-termers to help me in my faith. So after all this effort, when they invited me for the second time I went back to the Seeker’s Class. I said “I know it’s not right for me to keep receiving benefits from this God but refuse to know who He really is”. I committed to going to the Seeker’s Class and the New Life Class after that. When the leaders asked me if I want to get baptized, I know I have experienced enough to know that this is a true God and a good God who is worth following, so for me there is no other answer but a firm “Yes”.