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NEAL LINK “I found The Truth today… I need to accept Jesus!”

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The declaration above was uttered by Bear (picture to the right) moments after Luke’s last Lifetalk before the Chinese New Year break.  But it wasn’t a sudden decision made after listening to one Lifetalk.  Bear’s decision to accept Jesus was the sprouting of a New Life after months of watering, nurturing and caring by the local leaders and servers who have been faithfully going to our weekly Campus Outreach managed by Neal (praying over Bear in the picture to the right) .

Bear, a 3rd year Master Student in the renown University, first came to the Campus Outreach as a skeptic who just didn’t see any need for this ‘religious non-sense’.  Yet, because of the love of BRIDGES servers and leaders poured upon him, Bear found himself coming back week after week to this place he’s come to call ‘home’.   Indeed, Bear was invited to outings and friendships that met over coffee, which all ended up talking about Christianity. In the Server’s chat groups, he was on the prayer ‘hit list’.  It has been very cool to see the intentionality of the BRIDGES servers who rallied around Bear, praying for his salvation and putting those prayers into personalized actions to engage Bear for the Kingdom. So, when Bear announced his decision, we can honestly say that he wasn’t the only happy person in that place.  The entire team reeled in joy because they all played a part in that miraculous process which led up to that moment of accepting Jesus.