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Insomnia Caused by Depression Overcame with Rest From God

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Jim couldn’t sleep at night. He hadn’t had a decent night of sleep for over a year, and even when he did fall asleep it would only be because of alcohol. This was how Jim was before he came to know Christ. Jim suffered chronic depression and, for a period of several months, he couldn’t leave his apartment because of fears. When Jim had hit rock bottom in despair, he remembered the time he had spent at the Outreach, where he had felt an unspeakable inner peace. So Jim got out of his apartment and came. That night Jim signed up for the Seeker’s Class where he heard about Jesus’ salvation and love. A few days later when insomnia became unbearable again, Jim tried praying. Miraculously, just moments after he prayed, Jim fell into a deep, sound sleep. He said he had felt a tranquility and rest that he has never experienced in his life. When Jim awoke the next morning, he knew what had happened. It was not a coincidence. So Jim prayed to receive Jesus that day, and from that day on, his life was turned inside out and completely transformed. Now Jim longs for spiritual growth and never misses any Discipleship Class, and also serves passionately. If you see him today, you could never imagine that he was once a deeply depressed young man. God’s work is full of wonder! He can redeem our lives from the pit!