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Go Figure: Atheists also believe in punishment by the gods

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Jane attends the University where The Bridge has a weekly outreach.  When she first came to the outreach, she was deeply attracted by the love and the ‘free lunch’.  But she reasoned with herself: “I am a sworn atheist.  I cannot be brainwashed by these Jesus freaks!”  So she made a pact with her friend: “If you see me going too deep into this religion thing, come and rescue me!”  Yet week in and week out, she showed up at The Bridge. “ I know in my heart there is a God.  My brain just can’t seem to accept it.”

The lynchpin moment came on the day Jane decided to accept Jesus and invited Him into her heart.  That very same day, her father had an accident and Jane was shaken, thinking she was being punished by the idols in her home for embracing Jesus.  But the young leaders at The Bridge challenged her: “If the idols are all about ‘punishment’, why would you go with them?  Wouldn’t you want to go with Jesus, whose love attracted you in the first place?  You will see how powerful Jesus’ name is if you persist in your belief!”

Such are the exchanges that happen at The Bridge on a weekly basis, as our young leaders confront their peers with love and the Truth that exposes the darkness in our souls and eradicates the contradictions in our hearts that we’re unware of.