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Alice: Returning Home

“Returning Home” was the topic of the Seeker class in which Alice responded to the Call and received Jesus as her personal savior.

Alice: Here I feel the warmth of a home, and you treat me like family. I have been very independent as a child since I didn’t live with my parents growing up. Deep in my heart I longed for acceptance and terribly feared rejection. However, in the class I felt this unconditional love; The servers who are not related to me at all accepted me and cared about me more than my actual family would. The love of God and the warmth of God’s home attracted me, and my heart wants to return to this home. This led me to a process of confessing my sins to receive Jesus.  I am home at last!


Verse: “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are… of God’s household”

1 John 4:18