From Faith to Faith A daughter Loses a Father to Cancer but Gains a Son for the Kingdom

Faith, one of Bridges’ leaders, had struggled for years over her father’s resistance to her faith.  This has been over a decade’s worth of warfare, between her grandma’s idols and spiritual mediums brought into the home to appease the gods, vs. Faith’s strong stance against the idolatry embraced by the rest of the family clan. This tug-o-war only intensified when Faith’s father continuously battled with returning cancer in recent years.  Faith has had to travel back and forth with many emergency calls requiring her to leave her post in order to care for her father.

One night, in her exhaustion, Faith cried out to the Lord. Suddenly a voice came “Go pray with your mother.” Faith hesitated. Her relationship with her mother had been distant, and the few times she invited her mother to pray together, her mother resisted. But unable to fight the urging of the Holy Spirit, Faith obeyed.

She found her mother alone on the balcony, which was rare. Usually she’s busy in the kitchen at that hour and hence unavailable for such a conversation. Faith hugged her mother and pleaded once more, “Mother, please, please pray with me. Only when we cry out for God’s help can dad be saved!” To Faith’s surprise, her mother agreed. Faith’s mother had been a Christian for years, but somehow she stopped going to church and eventually gave up her faith. “I didn’t know the reason why she stopped going to church until that night,” Faith said. “I simply assumed she was weak and was irritated with her. But that night I found out it was because every time dad found out that she was going to church, he would curse her to be hit by a car. One day on her way to church she actually got into a car accident! She was okay, but that sure stopped her cold.”


“That night, my relationship with my mother healed as I understood her for the first time. How dad used to curse her cruelly and beat her after he got drunk. Even now that he’s sick, all the terrible things he would say to her when he’s irritated.” Faith said. “I was very sad to hear those things, but last night, I decided to ask boldly ‘Mother, dad needs mercy. Will you forgive him?’ I couldn’t believe it…but my mom said yes!”


“As we prayed together, I felt this strong power in us. It was the love of God, and all the distance, barriers, and unforgiveness between us melted away.” After praying together that night, Faith’s mother told her the bright and shining figure came to her in her dream again! He told her to “lift up” her husband… “But I don’t know what that means!” Faith told her mother, it means to pray.

“God restored my relationship with my mother that night. The next day, two ministers from the Fu-Zhou church came to visit my father. When they shared their testimonies and encouraged my dad to receive Jesus, something happened in my dad’s hard heart and he repented and prayed! I heard my dad said ‘Lord, I’m a sinner. Lord, I need you. Lord, save me!’ Oh…how my heart was filled with gratitude!” Faith said.

Yet, Faith’s father’s health deteriorated as time went by. Hearing this, and without knowing what to expect, Luke and Amy took a trip by faith to visit Faith’s dad at the hospital.  There at that hospital bed, resisting pressure from his own mother to accept incantations from idol worshippers, Faith’s father decided to accept baptism into the Lord’s Name…The Lord heard Faith’s prayer and changed his heart!

Although Faith’s father had gone to be with the Lord now, we know God has done a mighty miracle changing the father’s heart. God used his sickness to turn all of their relationships around, healing and renewing.  And we know His work of salvation in this family has only just begun.